There's so much to say about Leila that I don't even know where to begin. To start with, she is incredibly patient. I have emailed her more times than I probably needed to with questions for deadlines, vendors, DIYs, budgeting, you name it. Each time, she replied in detail and within only a couple of hours. She came with me to visit several venues and helped me ask the questions that I never would have thought of. She genuinely cares about what you are looking for in a wedding and will definitely make that happen with your budget in mind. If you have certain designs in your wedding that you want, Leila can make bring it to life and make it better than you imagined. 

Leila has always been open to my suggestions and changes no matter how crazy I may have sounded or how late into the timeline it was. That being said, she is extremely organized and professional; she'll check up on you to make sure that things are in order. She also genuinely cares about you as a person and takes the time to get to know you, your significant other, and where you're at in life, and that helps a lot with the wedding planning process more than you'll know. 

On our wedding day, I did not have to worry about one thing at all except getting ready and having a magical day with friends and family. Thanks, Leila! You were absolutely wonderful. :)

- Margaret and Ryan


I don't even know where to start; Leila is first of all just an amazing person! She went above and beyond for our wedding, from the great design ideas she had for making decorations that were both beautiful and budget friendly, to helping with layout, timeline and all the many little details. There were many times where she would ask me something or remind me of something, and I would think to myself, oh man without Leila I would have never thought of this little detail. She was always there to respond to all my questions very quickly, and she was just on top of everything. The day of the wedding she was there first thing in the morning, and packed up everything at the end of the night. I didn't have to worry about a thing! Later I found out that our tables were late and not the right number of tables/linens were delivered (not her fault), but Leila didn't let any of that get to me to worry me. She handled all of it, and by the time guests arrived everything just looked perfect! I mean better than I had even imagined it in my head. You know when everyone says that something will always go wrong on your wedding day and you should try not to stress about it, well not at my wedding! There was not a thing that went wrong, and everything was just awesome...and that was all thanks to Leila!

- Nazli and Sean


My husband and I brought Leila in somewhat late in the wedding planning process, after we had already booked the venue and several vendors. She was incredibly helpful in nailing down a lot of the details that we had been putting off. She accommodated us with respect to everything from colors and décor to itinerary and budget. She worked with some excellent vendors, and we were delighted with the results. She did everything she could to keep costs down where needed. She also respected our wishes when we asked her not to patronize certain businesses due to their political stances, which can be a sensitive subject.

Throughout our dealings, Leila was always very responsive and followed up with us if we were dragging our feet on anything. She had some wonderful design ideas, and also thought about some things that weren't even on our radar. She was happy to coordinate directly with all of the vendors, including the ones we had booked before we hired her, which relieved us of a lot of the stress of planning.

She also did a great job managing the event on the day of, giving me and my husband time to actually enjoy our big day and not worry about the details. Leila was a pleasure to work with. She is well organized, professional and responsive but also creative and inventive. She was a huge part of making our wedding a fun and successful event, and I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for an event coordinator.

- Max and Jonathan


No words could ever do justice to explaining the value that Leila offers! Her resume speaks volumes, and I believe her balance of personal touch and professional skillet are unparalleled. 

My husband and I hired Leila to coordinate our wedding and she went above and beyond our expectations to make our day truly exceptional! She completely understood our vision and made our dreams come true. I am not a DIY saavy person at all, and she was really helpful in showing me how to get a little crafty to add the personal feel we were trying to create at our wedding. From helping with invitations, to advising on etiquette, to shopping for decor, to negotiating with vendors, Leila covered it all and so much more.

The months leading up to a wedding can be stressful, or so I've heard! With Leila, I never had to worry if I was forgetting a detail or behind schedule finalizing everything. She's incredibly organized and professional. She was willing to be as involved as I wanted her to be. Leading up to the wedding she ironed out every detail to make sure all of the vendors were on the same page, and even drew a computerized to-scale layout of our reception! 

The day of - Leila was our wedding's star quarterback. She made sure everything was seamless and the night was truly unforgettable. Our vendors also commented on how great she was to work with, and how she made everything really easy for them - so I can say that she comes highly recommended personally and professionally. 

I really can't say enough about Leila, and I know the next event I host I will surely be calling on her. 

Whether you're looking for coordination for a wedding, or any event - Leila is the best in the business.

- Christina and Mike


Leila was fantastic to work with and made wedding planning manageable and stress-free. Her knowledge, eye for design, and ability to get things done made our wedding more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Everything ran very smoothly and went off without a hitch, which I thought was especially amazing! She had great ideas throughout the process, often going above and beyond what we expected, and had helpful vendor suggestions to fill in areas we needed. She also assisted us with handling challenging vendors that were not performing. Her enthusiasm and professionalism make working with her a joy and we would definitely recommend her to anyone planning a wedding large or small. Ours was a 300 person wedding with a number of vendors, and only 2 hours available for set-up but she managed to get it all done!

- Susan and Juan