Maybe you’re planning an event such as a company gala, weekend retreat, non-profit silent auction, or social event such as a fashion show or even a family reunion. 

While you might have some idea of what would thrill your attendees and make for a great event, actually executing those plans in a way that is polished and precise is a whole other story. Or, maybe you have no clue how to go about creating an event and are feeling a little lost as you set on on this adventure. 

How are you supposed to create an event that will be remembered when you aren’t an event planner, or designer? 

How are you supposed to handle all the logistics of your current position, PLUS the added details of planning an event (which can be like a full time job in itself!) 

How do you know that you’ll get all the moving pieces in place for a seamless and successful event?

Luckily for you, Brilliant Event Design can help! 

I am now offering my extensive design and event planning background to social and corporate events. I’ve worked with corporate galas, family reunions, fashion shows, and other social gatherings. If you’re looking for someone who can make your next event BRILLIANT I can help.


Whether you’re looking for someone who can help you from start to finish - from design concept to creating and executing the perfect timeline, or whether you just need someone to handle one aspect of your event, such as the venue logistics, Brilliant Event Design can come in at any stage of the process to make your event the very best it can be. 

When it comes to creating a corporate or social event, it’s not just about finding a nice venue, or creating a stunning design. The event should be a reflection if your brand or social values, and company culture. I help create events that get remembered as much for the design and flow, as for how they represent the core values and branding of the company. 


In addition to standard event planning services I can also help your company create those added touches that really

take an event up a notch

Examples of ways I’ve helped past corporate and social clients create memorable moments include: 

  • Theme development 
  • Unique “surprises” such as gifts, and added takeaways 
  • Design elements that weave in social meaning for the event hosts and guests 

While each social or corporate event I work with is unique, I always bring my detailed sense of style and precision to the table. Check out this extensive sample plan for a nonprofit gala to get a feel for my style. 


For corporate and social events, I understand that there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer and

each event I work with gets my star treatment.

Packages are tailored to your exact needs.

Ready to find out how I can help make your wedding

the best event you’ve ever attended?